This April, WCC spoke with Meg Hickey, a 2012 graduate from UW-Madison currently working as a second year Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.

WCC: What did you study at Wisconsin?

“I graduated in 2012 and majored in Finance, Investment, and Banking.”

WCC: What were you involved at Wisconsin?

“I started college at USC, had transferred as a sophomore, and knew I wanted to go into business.  I started to explore a multitude of options. Between sophomore and junior year, I founded a start-up -Liico Brands.  I worked with engineering students to build a sustainable coffee cup that would reduce waste. Liico Brands has a trademark and provisional patent pending.  Today, my younger brother has taken lead on this.Also, I was a member of the Capital Management Club and Investment Banking Club.  Both clubs were extremely helpful in developing my analytical skills and exposing me to different areas in business.”

WCC: What was your path to consulting and Bain?

“Between junior and senior year I did an internship with General Mills in finance-while I really admired the company, corporate finance was not for me. That summer I started to explore other careers, which led me to consulting. At the beginning of senior year I started to go to information sessions and did informational interviews. I learned more about Bain and loved the people there and that’s where I ended up.”

WCC: Why did you choose Bain and what at Bain stands out to you?

“After junior year I knew I was interested in consulting.  Bain fit everything I was looking for personally and professionally.  I liked the people at Bain and the model of working closely with the client.  With the long hours in consulting, I wanted to work at a place I enjoyed.  It’s truly the people that stand out at Bain, the opportunity to work with smart individuals with so much to teach.  I admire and trust my colleagues and having that atmosphere is what makes it great.”

WCC: What is your current role at Bain?

“I am an Associate Consultant at Bain in my second year.  The exact role I fill on the team varies significantly depending on the project.  However, a typical role as an Associate Consultant involves building relationships with the client, participating in team / client meetings, gathering and analyzing the data, and synthesizing the data into results-focused materials that can be shared and easily understood.”

WCC: What’s your advice to a student looking to go into management consulting?

“Pursue what your love while you’re in college – there isn’t a set profile we look for at Bain – if we can see that your passionate about something and a hard worker that’s what makes a great Bainie.”

WCC: What are three traits of a successful individual at Bain?

  1. Hard working
  2. Passionate
  3. Always willing to help out colleagues
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