Kenneth spoke with us this month about his career and current tenure at Booz Allen Hamilton.  Kenneth graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison BBA program with degrees in Marketing and International Business, and later from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University with an MBA in Strategy and Finance.

Some memorable career highlights he mentioned were working for a technology start-up during the Dot Com Boom, working as the Senior Strategy Manager for LG Electronics, and working as a Strategy Consultant for Samsung’s Corporate Overseas Support Department. Currently, he is a Client Engagement Manager for Booz Allen Hamilton based in the Washington D.C. area.

We asked him a few questions and here is what he had to say:

WCC: What was your favorite memory about your time at UW-Madison?

My favorite memory is riding down Bascom Hill on a snowy day using a tray a “borrowed” from the cafeteria. My favorite class was African Literature, but I can’t remember the professor’s name.  Just remember he used a lot of four letter words during the lectures.

WCC:  How would you sum up Booz Allen’s practice in a few sentences?

Booz Allen is primarily focused on serving Federal government clients, but is now also focusing on commercial markets for growth.  Functionally we are somewhere between IT and Strategy, but lately the firm has a strong focus on all things related to Cyber Security.

WCC: What is one skill you have picked up that is key to your success as a consultant?

The ability to approach an issue analytically and logically while being able to communicate your opinions diplomatically.

WCC: What is one piece of advice you would offer members in our club and other students?

While you are still young and have the energy, try to travel the world and work overseas.  There is a whole big world outside of not only Madison, but the US, that is fast changing.  Try to keep an open mind and you will learn more than you ever imagined.

WCC: What was your most memorable/proudest moment over the course of your career?

While working for Samsung I was able to frequently travel overseas in support of global projects.  Countries I visited that were particularly memorable include the UAE, Poland, and South Africa.  It was one thing to hear and learn about global business but it was very eye-opening to actually be a part of it and to appreciate the efforts that others had put in before me.

Thank you Kenneth for sharing a brief snapshot of your career with us!


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