Consulting firms are one of the biggest recruiters of top undergraduate students.  With offices in almost every city around the world, the career opportunities are boundless and span every industry, function, practice, and the public and private sectors. Consulting firms are a great place to develop your own brand, network with executives at very successful companies, and pursue your passions.

Consulting will fast track your career and offers some of the best salaries of any position available to a recent graduate. Moreover, you will also have the added perks of traveling and potential sponsorship for your MBA.

Most importantly, your time as a “student” does not stop once you begin your career as a consultant.  Consultants are required to learn a lot of things, and learn them quickly.  This intensive, yet diverse understanding of the world will enable you to tackle any challenge in your future career.  Furthermore, as a first year consultant you will be entrusted with very high-profile projects that some of your peers may not encounter until they are well into their own careers.  Above all, consulting firms invest a lot of money into you to make you the best you can possibly be.  You will be a part of a large network of extremely talented and smart professionals who will help you along in your career.

This is only a brief list of the advantages to a career in consulting, but if you’d like to hear more please come ready with questions to the WCC kick-off meeting at the beginning of the semester!