Expected Graduation

Fall 2018

Lukas Lauer – Political Science
Konstantinos Papakostas – Economics; Mathematics 
Grant Tesdahl – Industrial and Systems Engineering
Michael Lamb – Electrical Engineering
William Kuenster – Finance; Risk Management and Insurance
Casper Adriani – Finance Investment and Banking
Loukas Goulatis – PhD Chemical; Biological Engineering
Munish Chhabra – PhD Biophysics 

Spring 2019

Riley Rafko – Finance Investment and Banking; Operations and Technology Management; Certificate in Spanish
Rachel Ley – Finance; Operations and Technology Management; Supply Chain Management
Jacob Newman – Marketing; Political Science; Information Systems
Lizzie Shilko – Operations and Technology Management
Nick Patnode – Mathematics; Finance Investment and Banking; Risk Management and Insurance
Emily Vandenhouten – Business
Ariana Song – Economics; Biology
Ben Peterson – Finance Investment and Banking; Computer Science
Courtney Stobbie – Economics; Mathematics
Graham Pearce – Information Systems
Allan Moutvic – Finance and Risk Management; Business
Mitchell McMahon – Finance; Economics
Jackie Wax Industrial and Systems Engineering
Lucy Ji – Finance Investment and Banking; Economics; Risk Management and Insurance
Angela Mahrt – Industrial and Systems Engineering
Katie Bertram – Finance
Gerri Soren – Finance
Jennifer Yao – PhD Biophysics

Fall 2019

Riddhi Kashyap – Industrial and Systems Engineering
Jenna Scheffert – Finance and Marketing
Leon PanFinance Investment and Banking; Risk Management and Insurance; Information Systems and CS
Felix Nguyen – Industrial and Systems Engineering

Spring 2020

Cal Kozlowski – Operations and Technology Management; Finance; Supply Chain Management
Matias Figari – Computer Science; Economics
Hannah Lein – Industrial and Systems Engineering
Ian Eickhoff – Finance Investment and Banking; Operations and Technology Management
Alex Nelson – Marketing; Operations and Technology Management 
AJ Lesar – Finance Investment and Banking; Operations and Technology Management
Kate Xia – Operations and Technology Management; Marketing; Supply Chain; Spanish
Micah Christofferson – Finance Investment and Banking
Lauren Miller – Operations; Marketing; Minor in Supply Chain Management and Spanish
Alex Hahn – Information Systems; Operations and Technology Management 
William Han – Finance and Real Estate
Wally Estenson – Finance; Economics
Qiuxuan Wu – Computer Science