The Wisconsin Consulting Club (WCC) was founded in 2006. Prior to 2006, there were no institutions on campus offering students the resources to the consulting industry. Over the years, our strive for excellence and high performance has earned us recognition from peers and stakeholders.

Our Mission

The Wisconsin Consulting Club is driven to prove that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is an elite recruiting ground for  consulting firms.  Our intelligence and passion, structured approach to personal development, and the strength of our networks drive continued high-performance by club members and lay the framework for their successful careers in the consulting industry.

Strategic Objectives

  • Increase awareness of consulting as a profession and WCC to encourage students to prepare for a career in consulting as early as possible.
  • Achieve a high-level of performance and confidence for all our members in case interview and other technical skills
  • Expand the professional network of WCC and its members.
  • Create a social and supportive club culture so that WCC alumni will continue to support the development of WCC and actively promote the WCC brand to their firms.
  • Place our members in positions within the consulting industry.

WCC  Resources & Activities:

  • WCC bi-weekly meetings
  • Off-Tuesday casing opportunities
  • Executive Board office hours
  • Networking trips to Chicago and surrounding areas
  • Case workshops from consultants at various firms
  • Mock interviews & Informational panels by consultants at various firms
  • Access to case banks and other materials
  • Member-only socials and networking opportunities with consultants
  • Case practice partner program between club members
  • Resume and cover letter workshops
  • Presentations by faculty who worked in the consulting industry
  • Developmental, social, and learning opportunities
  • Leadership on the WCC Executive Board